Our Story

jpapers is small boutique shop that loves all things paper. an amazing wedding invitation with a custom bevelled edge and beautiful engraving, a bat mitzvah invitation on a thick piece of acrylic silkscreened in the brightest of colors, a piece of stationery with a hand drawn monogram letterpressed on hand made paper.  we offer custom design services, hand drawn artwork and sometimes even a little therapy, so i've been told..

i started jpapers in 2007 because i believed that the beauty of paper and the joy it brings will never fully be replaced by an email or a text and i think after 10 years many others feel the same.

so we hope to see you soon, even if it's just to look around and get ideas, pick up some goodies in the store or even better yet because you see my sweet dogs lou and ruby in the window and you can't resist coming in to say hello to them.....


jill + lou + ruby